Mixing it up

We all know I’m a fan of cocktails. This is no secret. I wax poetic over cheap red wine, I adore a cold can of beer on a hot summer day, and I salivate at the sight of a Ketel One bottle. I love to drink, and I do it quite well.

Unfortunately, lately I’ve been thinking of the grand task this assigns to my liver. If I drink every day (which I do) and take antidepressants every day (which I do) and take sleeping pills every night (which I do), I fear that at some point my organs will just up and say, “Hey, guess what, no thanks. We’re on vacation.” And they probably won’t bring me back any fun toys, either.

Problem is, there’s really nothing I like to drink aside from alcohol, unless you count Diet Coke, which is probably even worse for my bodily functions. This is where you come in. I need ideas for delicious non-alcoholic beverages. I need things that are tasty enough to make me forget I’m not drinking vodka. I need light, refreshing, healthy summertime quaffs that sing like a gin and tonic but won’t weigh me down.

So start commenting people, or when my liver gives its two-week notice I’m holding you all personally responsible.







12 responses to “Mixing it up”

  1. Anonymous Avatar

    Lipton Green Tea is pretty refeshing, mile tasting and it comes in diet (if you care). Only lightly caffeinated too so you can drink it before bedtime.


  2. Esther Avatar

    I’m a fan of cranberry juice, mixed with diet 7up-lime. Maybe some soda water would work, as well.


  3. B! Avatar

    Two words, runtogether: VitaminWater.
    The light purple one.


    1. erinirea Avatar

      i can’t believe I just approved that comment.


  4. christina Avatar

    i’d be happy to help your liver…. however, i will comment on the vitamin water first, as the name is very deceptive. I was addicted to the orange one a few years ago. thought it was great… i was consuming vitamins *and* rehydrating. until (loud vinyl scratch)…..cory worked on a vitamin water commercial and low and behold found vitamin water is nothing but sugar and calories. i’m sure there are ‘some vitamins’ in there somewhere to avoid a total lawsuit, but the sugar content definitely destroys any health benefit. i think since then they have come out with a low calorie lower sugar version but still, there are many other things you can drink that are much better for you.

    take Ito En teas (www.itoen.com) yum, coconut water, taking plain water and adding cucumber and mint, or berries served really cold (since i know how you feel about water on it’s own). we just started drinking alkaline water which is supposed to be phenomenal for your blood cells,organs and skin (reversing the effects on your liver perhaps). but you’d have to live here to get it…hint, hint! lemonade with mint is also a favorite of mine. hope that helps 😉


  5. pinkshoe Avatar

    Perrier Pampelmouse Rose – I am like you and drink basically nothing except booze, coffee, water and diet coke….just discovered this delicious sparkly treat a few weeks ago and a glass of this with ice and a straw does QUITE nicely. I was surprised how much I loved it. So refreshing!


  6. Jeff Lesica Avatar
    Jeff Lesica

    Lemon and San Pellegrino works for me. Half of drinking a cocktail is the act of pouring from a bottle into a rocks glass and then garnishing it, so the San Pellegrino kinda does all that. Plus, at Costco, it’s really cheap when you buy in bulk. Like $1.00 a bottle.


  7. julia Avatar

    Dude. There is not much I’ve gleaned as useful from my new life in the pacific northwest, but one thing the secret dirty hippy in me has become addicted to since moving to seattle- is kombucha. It’s definitely not for everybody and Don is always offering to spit in day old iced tea instead of spending 4 dollars for a bottle of it- but it’s good in a weird way and I swear it makes me feel like a better person. Especially effective for hangovers, just sayin. ❤ (p.s. miss you!)


  8. Kirsten Avatar

    simply orange orange juice, the jumex nectars, naked, tazo teas


  9. S-Dub Avatar

    I like pomegranate lemonade. I’m pretty sure you can get it from Hannaford. Also, blood orange soda.


  10. DiaryofWhy Avatar

    I don’t really have anything helpful to add, but this post reminded me of my friend, who decided to start drinking water with cucumber. After weeks of being like, “This doesn’t taste like anything and yet is also sort of disgusting,” he realized it was zucchini. So, don’t drink zucchini water. That’s my two cents.


  11. veronica Avatar

    Lately i’ve become addicted to two things…. Ginger Iced Tea and Prometheus Springs (in all its wonderful flavors) with club soda or Perrier. My favorites are Lychee Wasabi and Pomegranete Black Pepper, although the Lemon Ginger is delicious as well. When you feel like you’ve given your liver enough of a rest… you can throw some vodka into the mix as well 🙂


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