Arizona. Yup, it’s still there.

So you heard all about my lovely flight TO Arizona, but what did I do when I was actually IN Arizona?

What, indeed.



peeling garlic

I did a lot of cooking. I also did a lot of movie-watching and some sightseeing.

mountain for sale

Can you believe they’re selling that mountain? Call that dude – you could be the proud owner! GET IN ON THE EXCITEMENT!!

Wait, what?

So on Monday I drove in the rental car through mountains such as the one above, on a mission to get past Tortilla Flat and onto the dirt roads. It was a beautiful drive, photos are on Flickr, and I listened to a mix of 60s pop as I wound my way around hairpin curves. I got all the way out to Tortilla Flat and was stopped

watery passage

by a small flood.

watery passage

Not wanting to waste the afternoon, I visited their local watering hole (no pun intended) and sipped a Corona while sidesaddle-riding a barstool. They had no normal barstools. Only saddles. And I had the misfortune of wearing a skirt.

That’s really pretty much it for AZ this time – no Sedona, no Monument Valley, no trips to the Rez grocery store for tampons and chocolate (wait, what? I didn’t tell you that story? maybe later). But it was still grand, even without the canyon. I vote yes for vacation.

One response to “Arizona. Yup, it’s still there.”

  1. sounds like a lovely relaxing time đŸ™‚ I love your pictures.


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