Correctly capitalizing this post may have been the hardest thing I’ve ever done.

So, I have this problem. A few days ago, my 16g 3G iPhone crapped out. I couldn’t hear my calls, I couldn’t hear my voicemails. No speaker. I called Apple tech support, who told me to restore my phone, which I did promptly, tongue firmly lodged in cheek. Of course, the restore didn’t work. Whatever I was dealing with was a hardware issue.

Another call to Apple got me transferred to AT&T, who told me that although I wasn’t eligible for a new phone for free, I WOULD be eligible for an upgrade to the 3GS at the low low price of $199. Now, $199 is not an amount I was expecting to be spending on ANYTHING, to tell you the truth, and I need video on my phone like I need another hole in my head. But, c’est la vie, off to AT&T I went. A hundred dollars and twenty minutes later, I walked out with a brand new 8g 3G iPhone. Half the storage capacity of my old one.


I get home and see a facebook post from my old intern Corey, who suggested I try sticking a 1/8″ plug in and out of the headphone jack. “Why not give it a whirl?” I thought. Lo, behold, magic doth be real, because didn’t my old phone up and start working again. It was a mixture of jubilation and decay in my world then, because hooray, the 16g iPhone works but boo, I just spent $100 on another, smaller, iPhone.


I see an ad on Craigslist offering to buy broken phones. Dude offers me $100 for my 16g. Which, I mean, I’d break even, which would be cool. Then I see ads on Craigslist where people are straight up SELLING their 16g iPhones for like, three hundred bucks. So if I wanted to sell it, I could make a massive profit. Which would be righteous, because I’m broke. On the third hand, though, I’m notoriously lazy and careless, so having a backup iPhone might not be the worst idea ever. Kind of like loss / damage insurance against myself. In that case, I’d just keep the both of them.


Internets, I need your free advice. What would YOU do with your two working iPhones?

4 responses to “Correctly capitalizing this post may have been the hardest thing I’ve ever done.”

  1. I would keep them if and only if I could also try sucker a software engineer into coding a sweet playing-card app so two phones (or more! 4! 8!) could play texas hold 'em on the same wi-fi network. Add in an iPad as a table-top game board and you can expand into games like monopoly or UNO or hundreds of others! You keep your cards on your own 8 gb iPhone, player 2 also plays close to the vest on the 16gb, and players three and four join the fun with their ipod touches! Failing the app solution, I would sell the 3G, because apps are only getting faster, and Gs is smokin fast.


  2. AT&T may also offer a return program for "recent upgrades" … I know that Verizon will take back a phone upgrade any time in the first 14 or 30 days.


  3. Sell it for $300 and don't look back.


  4. Moral of the story: Call me before you call Apple when your shit blows up.


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