Sad Days

So my friend Lisa died. I’m pretty upset.


You can’t tell from the pictures, but she was really really sick. Crohn’s. She was only 26. She was amazingly awesome.

Free smiles!

I met Lisa for the first time just days before taking this picture, and I fell instantly in love with her. She was a brilliant – a righteous woman, an amazing friend. The kind of person who lights up a room with giddy energy just by being there. I don’t even know how to express what I felt, what I still feel, about her.

PS, I won.

She was a once-in-a-lifetime kind of person.

lIsa does the hoop

Those of us who knew Lisa were truly blessed – her energy shone like the sun and she was so incredibly brave. NOTHING stopped this girl.

Lisa, thrilled.

She was an inspiration to me, this tiny whip of a thing: smart, funny, and great eye candy. Seriously great eye candy. I think she’d appreciate my saying that.

Woah man. Hey now.

Rest in peace, Lisa. You’ll be so, so missed.

2 responses to “Sad Days”

  1. ::hug::I feel every inch of this post. Apparently this was the time for beautiful young women to leave the world too soon.I'm so sorry.


  2. "She was a once-in-a-lifetime kind of person."Well-put. You are too.


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