They’ll cure what ails ya

Yesterday I woke up cranky as hell. My meds give me night sweat so I was sticky and sore, plus my nose was runny and my throat hurt. It was one of those mornings where showering seems both an immediate necessity and distinct impossibility. I was tired. I was especially lazy. But my hair smelled. So I showered.

En route to the bathroom, I opened up my laptop and discovered that my AirPort no longer wanted to play nice with the unsecured wifi network in my neighborhood. The water in the shower was cold. I shed tears of frustration trying to blow-dry my unruly mane. I had three massive zits. I’d also gained like six pounds over the last week, so all my clothes fit weird on me. It was not a fantastic morning.

And what better way to remedy a crap morning than with a brand new HAIRCUT??

peeking over

I love my new bangs.

I also love this camera.


Today is most certainly a better day.

One response to “They’ll cure what ails ya”

  1. Dammit you beat me to the bangs. (My hair cut is on Friday.) But I love the look. Suits you.


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