old news, by now.

We split the last day of our roadtrip between Jerome and Sedona: two opposite vistas within 20 minutes of each other. Here is Jerome, esteemed home of Maynard from Tool:

abandonded house, Jerome AZ

fleur de lis


and here is Sedona, esteemed home of… nobody except rich people and spa owners.


I was unimpressed.

This tree was pretty cool, though,

as was this church, built, as it was, into the side of a mountain.

chapel of the holy cross, Sedona

prayer candles


and here is me shooting on location in Afganistan.


Just kidding, it’s still Jerome.

Full set here. Hope you enjoy the views as much as B! and I did!

One response to “old news, by now.”

  1. You were in Jerome AZ & you didn't check out Caduceus Cellars, the vinyard tasting room belonging to Maynard James Keenan of the band Tool? Shame on you.


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