An awesome update from the land of forgotten toys

So! It’s been awhile. And what have I been up to, except not taking drugs at the Underworld show in Montreal last week? Well, I’ve been taking drugs, actually, the drugs that are prescribed to me by my doctors. I’m up to my full dose of Effexor now, and it gives me a weird energy that begs for some kind of physical release… so yoga and a lot of walking.

And not a whole lot of anything else.

I’ve been working on some projects in development, which sounds really cool to say, and doing some painting and collaging and laundry, I went to Tom’s wedding last Saturday (congratulations!!) but missed the morning after brunch in an ill-fated attempt to see Sabominator finish first in her triathalon. I biked over the Mass Ave bridge for the first time ever, which would have been awesome if I hadn’t spent the whole time waiting for my heart to explode, and yesterday I spent the day with my mom – another first.

Trying to fill my days with meaningful things, basically. I’m taking submissions.

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