OMG I am so excited that my last post unearthed an internet troll! I love it. Please, troll, don’t go away. You make me feel important.

Anyway, unbeknownst to myself, last week I took the troll’s advice and DID SOMETHING. On a whim, I drove to Cape Cod to hang out with some old friends from high school. At first I was a little nervous – I hadn’t seen them for awhile, there’d been some tension, but it was getting pretty bell jar here in the apartment so I took the plunge regardless. And?

It was awesome. I didn’t need a single Ativan the entire time I was away, despite drinking enough Red Bull to make my eyes bleed. There’s something about the beach, I think, that acts as a salve for all ills. Especially the beach at night. Especially when you’re swimming in the ocean on the beach at night. That, especially.

Free advice: if you’re feeling bad, wait until nightfall, head to your nearest body of water and go with what moves you. You won’t be disappointed, I promise.

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