Yesterday being Sunday and all, I had plenty of time to work on my unemployment jokes. Oh ho, too bad YOU all have to go to work, gainfully employed friends! The thing is, being unemployed is not all that awesome. I putter around all day, working on projects that may or may not bear fruit, waiting for Katsu to get home, but by the time six o’clock rolls around I’m so defeated by my utter lack of purpose that it’s all I can do to watch an episode or two of Weeds before heading to bed. The next day it starts all over, so on and so forth, until Saturday.

I’ve had feelings lately that leaving my job was a big mistake. If I could just have hung on for another month, maybe this mental maelstrom would have blown over… but then I remember the insane levels of stress, the insomnia, the recurring feelings of frustration and rage, and I think no, no, I made the right decision. I just need to find something to take its place.

On Wednesday I have orientation for a volunteer job reading and recording textbooks for the blind and disabled, and I’m also looking into unpaid work at the Boys & Girls club as a videography instructor… so we’ll see how that works out. I’m not sure that anything can really take the place of my old job, I loved it so much in so many ways, but hey. We’ll see. In the meantime, know that while you’re all slaving away at being important and job-having, I’ll be sitting here in my apartment, sweating, checking Facebook, and playing game after game of online scrabble.

Which, admit it, is pretty much what you do at your jobs anyway. Minus the sweating.



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