KHW #10: Down day

Initially, when Pusser suggested I stay behind during today’s early morning MOS shoot, I was a little miffed. I mean, what, am I not important? Am I so expendable? Doesn’t my opinion count? And also, if the boys took the van, how the hell would I get coffee?

Then I took a moment to weigh my options:

Go: call at 6am
Stay: sleep until noon

Go: sit in a van all day
Stay: free reign to move about as I please, albeit on foot

Go: questionable wifi, no laptop power
Stay: free wifi, AC adapter

Go: loud, ceaseless commentary about everything under the sun
Stay: blissful, sweet silence

So I went with door number two. I laid in bed until 10am, ate a cup of strawberries-and-cream oatmeal off the back of a triscuit, and am now contemplating a trip to the vending machine and/or Barnes & Noble. But the real question…

Do I stay at the hotel and do work like a good little coproducer? Or do i blow out and catch a matinee of the new Star Trek?

decisions, decisions.

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