Fun is what you make it.

Last Friday, not feeling in the mood to do a whole lot of cooking, I decided that instead of normal dinner Katsumi and I would have a “build your own chicken salad” party.

(It’s lame. I know. But that’s how things roll.)


Katsumi has a long and golden history of interesting culinary adventures. Who could forget the “INSANITY TOAST”* of winter 2007, or his famed black-bean-and-clam chili**, eaten in my absence during KHW02?

* toasted french bread topped with black forest ham, cheddar cheese, and a mysterious spread that tasted like dill pickles but was actually a puree of carrots, mustard, mayo, garlic, and something else my mind refuses to recall.

** he’d flavored the concoction with dried taco powder and a fair amount of sriracha but didn’t wash the clams before adding them to the vegan chili / black bean / canned tomato mix… so every gelatinous bite came with a sandy surprise.

Given his track record, I suppose I shouldn’t have been shocked when he spooned a full two cups of mayonnaise into his bowl of shredded chicken, or when he emptied half the bottle of hot sauce over the top. Onion, celery, and grapes seemed to add much-needed texture, the overdose of salt might give a little flavor, and I was edging toward halfway on board with the whole thing until he emerged from the fridge holding a jar of sauerkraut. Then I officially ran in horror.

So, perhaps, Friday Night Build Your Own Chicken Salad Party is not so boring after all, as long as you invite my husband and ply him with a 6-pack of Long Trail IPA. (ok, maybe kind of boring still. but hey.)

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