KHW #7: Weird food, installment 3

Some weird food is awesome. Road Meat in Costa Rica was awesome. Knoephla was awesome. Even the watermelon licorice was… kind of awesome… in it’s own bizarre way…

And then, some weird food is just straight up nasty.


Footloose, on a solitary run for new and untested roadfood, I found this little gem in a supermarket down the street from out hotel. The box reminded me, somehow, of Toaster Strudel, so I tossed the it into my shopping cart. I had high hopes for Snack Toast. I thought it could be part of a deconstructed bruschetta, or a breakfast and lunch in one. (Perhaps not the blueberry version, but still.)


Looks so innocent, doesn’t it, lying there placidly on my facetowel.

It’s a sleeper, let me tell you.

Train hunting the following afternoon, eyes on the prize but somewhat peckish, I fished up some Snack Toast from the backseat and snapped off a big hunk of the crusty stuff. And so like, I know I don’t drink the most water ever, but man, that shit … if you added twelve teaspoons of sugar to a blueberry flavored Dunkin’ Donuts iced coffee, then dehydrated it, then threw in a pinch of yeast, that would be Snack Toast. Imagine chewing, then having to swallow, a full mouthful of sugary, straw-filled desert.

My only consolation was the fact that, unlike some people, I wasn’t standing outside in the freezing wind on the side of a highway bridge filming this trainyard.

Dilworth train yard

So there’s an upside to every situation, you see.

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