Things I Did During My Snowstorm Weekend

– ate an entire jar of Kimchi with my fingers

– Conquered the cookie (chocolate toffee and butter-whatever-with-jelly-filling. two batches per. WHAT’S UP BETTY CROCKER.)

– Wrapped many gifts

bought clothes

– Shoveled out the car

– finished transcribing several audio files

– Made 5 successful and supposedly authentic stir-fry dishes

– Washed pretty much all of our pots and pans

– Talked to a sales rep from Rorke Data about a twelve thousand dollar storage array I know next to nothing about but may well purchase in the very near future

– Took a winter wonderland stroll to Blockbuster with Katsumi

– subsequently discovered I was running a fever

– drank tea

– left a jar of giardinera on the heater overnight

– completely botched spaghetti and meatballs

– did *almost* all the laundry

bought boots online

– finally finished up my sisters’ Christmas presents. But not my dad’s. Which is cause for concern.

– gave Katsu my fever

– jazz-improvised a lentil soup to heal my ailing husband

– flew into rage re: cooking when I’m sick, with no help from you, yada yada yada, bitch bitch and moan.

– got my period

– drank wine

– ate Vicodin

– drank vodka

– made blog post

I’m more exhausted after this snowstorm than I was after our 16-day shoot. I’m used to spending the entirety of my blizzards half-cocked and well-fed, doing nothing much of substance at all. Big thumbs down to the new snowstorm protocol. I liked it better when I was sitting on my ass watching anime.

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