More things to do in Boston, with or without substances of varying degrees of legality.

If you haven’t been to see the Tara Donovan exhibit at the ICA, go right now. I am not kidding. Put down your cup of coffee, take your martini a llevar, but GET THERE before the exhibit ends. Katsu and I visited shortly after the opening and, stone-cold sober, I can say that her installation fucked my head upside-down.

It was amazing. It was one of a handful of times in my life that I’ve seen something and known in my soul that it was Art. Yes, Art with a capital. And even *I* can say that you don’t need drugs or drink to appreciate it – I was crystalline sober, and it blew me away.

… but then, it also reminded me of this one time, at a Phish show …

never mind, forget that.


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