The flesh, it is weak.

I’m writing from Logan’s spacious and lovely Terminal A. I brought the computer. But already, even so early in the journey, I’m totally glad I did because TERMINAL A IS THE BEST PLACE EVER and I wouldn’t feel complete unless I was able to talk about it RIGHT FUCKING NOW. Terminal A has almost everything I would need to keep me content and rosy for untold swaths of time: Legal Test Kitchen, Lucky’s Lounge, L’Occtaine, Dunkin, Starbucks, Wifi, Harpoon Brewing, Borders, and a store that sells all kinds of charging accessories for assorted electronic devices.

Best: the generic newsstand in Terminal A sells porno mags.


I can’t decide what to do first, with this small wonderland at my fingertips… I did pack a bathing suit in my carry-on, so I’m all set if worse comes to worse or if Game On! decides to have a wet T-shirt contest. Next time I fly Delta, I’m checking in 6 hours in advance, and I’m bringing some killer heels.

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