Sephora, seriously? Have some decorum. You owe it to us all.

So it was an eventful weekend, as one can probably ascertain from the glut of mobile uploads on my Facebook. Katsu and I booze cruised the night away, brunched in style, took our Rock Band addiction to brave new levels, and, like most of the rest of America, saw The Dark Knight.

I have a lot of feelings on all of the above, but let’s put them aside for a moment, because there’s something more important that needs discussing.

Did anyone else get the latest Sephora email newsletter? The one advertising, of all things, PRESS-ON EYESHADOW???

um, wtf.

Is this what we’ve come to? The level to which we’ve sunk? I want to know what woman out there is a subscriber to the Sephora newsletter but can’t manage to dust her own lids with a little brown and gray. I mean, the zebra print is hideous, but at least the “jungle effect” is kind of an 8 on the richter scale of makeup difficulty. Contrast that to the other offerings in the ColorOn collection: the Smokey Kit, the Tropics Kit, and, of course, the Flaunt Kit, all of which are relatively basic takes on your average eye shading technique. I can’t imagine that adhering appliques to one’s face is substantially less difficult than wielding a shadow brush and some pressed powder, although the consequences of unwise placement, with this new “innovation”, could be far more dire.

This is not rocket science, people – it’s makeup. And for the record, whoever buys the Exotic Kit should probably have their estrogen license revoked.

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