The Illustrious Return of the Thirteen-Hour Workday

In honor of the long weekend, I’m going to show you some of my fetish pictures.

The Box

well, hi, what do you think I was going to post up? Shoes? Bondage? Seriously, I’m not some kind of freak.

OK, two boxes, then.

Last month we picked up our DVCPro deck, and just this past week, suddenly having an immediate deadline that required us to start screening footage, I opened up the box.

Styrofoam is key

You can almost feel the anticipation, right? That new hardware smell?

And then…

The Money Shot

Man. I mean, MAN. That is a beautiful machine.

Deck, side left

Deck, side right

And, lucky me, I’ll be spending my whole weekend with it. Because I’ll be working in a windowless edit suite, transcribing footage and sync-ing audio clips.

So everyone out there drinking beer by the ocean? Having fun and cooking barbecue? GO EAT A DICK.

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