ND Shoot 4: making movies is really hard.

Let’s start things off right. Here is a picture of me, giving every appearance of working hard.

working hard

In reality, I’m not working hard at all. I’m just taking pictures of myself.

hardly working

see? I also used another scene to master the art of no-flash self-portraits, as seen here:



Working hard

and here:


Lest you think that I am the ONLY one on our crew who is working so very very hard, let me present for your contemplation our soundman,

Buckethead, working hard.


Mr. Solutions, working hard.

and producer.

pusser in the grass

Yes, friends, my industry is one of neverending labor. I mean, seriously, just LOOK at this sunburn!!!

happy cookie

A sunburn, mind you, that I got while doing 45 minutes of extremely hard work.

Erinire, working hard.

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