Shoot three: Hm.

In stark contrast to my daily shoot posts last time out, shoot three seems to have slipped by unnoticed. One reason for this was because we never got back to the hotel until after 10pm, another was my newfound addiction to TV online. But mostly, it was probably because Fargo is just not as interesting as the Rez.

I’m just going by instinct here, but I’m postulating that Fargo has the highest ratio of strip malls : residents in the continental United States. There are literally miles upon miles of strip malls. This has the combined effect of giving everything a general same-ness that makes navigation nearly impossible, while also rendering void any non-chain dining options.

We arrived Tuesday evening and, in no mood to cruise, we ate at a Ground Round two blocks from our hotel. The next night, I was dispatched to the front desk to query the concierge, sixteen if she was a day, about food other than that of the Applebees / TGI Friday’s realm.

Predictably, she was a shade less than helpful. An hour later, I found myself staring down a rubbery chicken breast as it struggled to stay afloat in a watery soup of alfredo sauce. If any meal could be worse than Kneadful Things, this was it.

Thursday night was Mongolian Barbeque, which, to my dismay, bore more than a passing resemblance to Fire and Ice, and Friday, on a tip from a local, we visited Spitfire. The next morning in the shower, hickory smoke steamed off my skin.

Since it was a short shoot, we were also quite busy, you know, filming and stuff, and despite only working for three days, we got some really amazing scenes. Normal life seems dull by comparison, even though I find Fargo (the structure, not the people) about as interesting as grey play-dough.

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