Driving. Suxxx.

So en route to visit my college roommate, who lives in Jersey City, Mapquest took me down the Henry Hudson Parkway, and through the Holland tunnel. I’d never gone to
her house this way, in all the (six? eight?) years I’d known her, and I thought I might have screwed something up in my hand-written directions. Luckily, I had my laptop in the passenger seat, with mapquest still connected. Please, spare me the “driving safety” lectures – I waited until I was at a stop light to pop out the technology box. Destination verified, I closed the screen.

When the light turned green and traffic began to move, this asshole in an old Honda cut me off, then SLAMMED on his brakes, sending my computer, my lifeline, my new favorite thing in the world, FLYING off the seat and crashing to reset under the foot heater. It kind of felt like that second after you get into a car accident, where the air stops for a second and you’re just like, FUCK. oh, fuck.

Luckily, all seems well with the laptop, who I should really give her own name one of these days. She comes with me everywhere – I love having everything at my fingertips – and if that dude in the Honda had rendered her useless, I would have had to beat his ass. Don’t be decieved: I may be small, but I’m wiry. And I can scrap with the best of ’em.

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