Where’s the advil.

The answer to Monday’s rhetorical “how was your weekend” becomes much more interesting when you spent all of Saturday night drinking with someone you’ve only ever met on the internet.

Blogger patrol

Adina is even more awesome in person than one might imagine from her website: she is a dart shark, a Segram’s drinker, a champion Alfredo eater, and and her prowess at RockBand is unparalleled. Unless you count Tom’s spirited late-night rendition of “Here it Goes Again” which is still making my day.

Really – the next time someone asks you “how was your weekend” with that glazed Monday look of not-really-giving-a-shit, tell them you went out drinking with your heretofore internet-only blog-friend and three of her college buddies, then had them all back to your house to play video games. If you think that gets a reaction, try expanding the story to encompass how your husband met one of them for the first time AT YOUR WEDDING.

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