I need two things:

a computer and a coat.

I’ll be using the computer mostly for low-end computing processes, however, there is a chance that at some point I will want my computer to run AVID. I will also be using my computer to transfer files in the field from a digital audio recorder, specifically, Sound Devices’ 744T. Which is why my computer also needs to be a laptop. one thing I hate about laptops is that you only have numbers at the top of the keyboard, which is very inconvenient for things like complicated calculations in Excel, but I can get over that. I guess.

I’ll be using the coat to protect my frail little self from freezing weather, high winds, snow, and, quite possibly, a plague of locusts. I would like the coat to be stylish as well as functional, something that won’t overwhelm my (ahem) delicate frame. I have an in with a guy that works at City Sports, so I can get my shit at a discount if I go through them. Also, my legs get cold, so if the jacket’s long, that’s a plus.

I asked this on facebook, too, but I’m plagued by nightmares of negative windchill and computer-less lifestyle… I can’t hold out much longer! give me your sage advice, o internets.

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