So when I came back from my honeymoon, my company had moved to a brand-new facility. As far as I can tell, the whole thing was built just for us, and although the problems with our area ranged from a lack of air conditioning in our machine room to an office space entirely devoid of shelves, we’ve settled in pretty nicely.

One thing, though, continues to puzzle me.

Someone noticed, early in our stay, that the flush handles in the nearest bathroom were kelly green. A day or so later, signs appeared, labeling the facility as a “green restroom”, and bearing instructions on how to use the “green toilet”. Flush down, as normal, for solid waste, and, for liquid waste, push the lever up. The upflush results in a lighter suction, using less water. “How lovely”, I thought. “Green is great!”

We’ve been there for months now, and I have yet to remember to utilize the upflush after a bathroom visit resulting in liquid waste. Let’s be honest, here, who seriously stops after using the john to think about which way to flush? Yet another well-meaning enviromental initiative, laid waste by boredom and laziness. Hooray for human inertia!

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