among my many theories, there is this:

Visiting my friend over Memorial Day weekend, I espoused my theory that there are two types of people in the world: those that do things, and those that don’t. You know who I’m talking about – in fact, I may even be talking about you. You’re the coworker who, every Monday, answers the ubiquitous “how was your weekend” with tales of museum exhibits and day trips to Newport. You’re the friend who shoots off emails about hip new restaurants or hot new bands, and OMG did you tell me? YOU GOT BACKSTAGE PASSES. Or, worst of all, you go for bike rides/walking tours/long distance runs with your significant other.

Although I try to be in the former category, I find myself landing more and more often in the latter. John and I? We are the people who don’t. Do things, that is. We are the people who prefer to frequent the same bar, diner, movie theater, house party, week in and week out. Given the choice between attending the opening of the new gallery downtown and sitting my ass on the couch with a bottle of Malbec, I will choose the couch 8 times out of 10. And as for that last part? The exercising thing? I had a couple awesome bike trips in my time, and many thanks to the one active person I’ve associated with who made that possible. But when a day-long ride around Martha’s Vineyard ended in a massive, second-degree sunburn over 90% of my exposed skin, I made the decision to start smoking again.

And just as I finished my explanation of the two types of people in the world, my friend suggested that before I leave the following afternoon, we pop by the local gallery to check out the photo display in Northampton.

(aside, I am SO GLAD that we did. Were you aware that Dr Spock likes to photograph naked chicks? WELL HE IS (i mean, DOES!! Drunk writing. Gah.) totally bizarre.)

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