it’s summer now, and that means less working, more posting!

I hate it when people write this big kiss-off to their blog, and that was NOT what the last one was meant to be! Time got away from me. Here’s why.

For two weeks, I was on honeymoon vacation in Mexico. You know what that means, so posting was not my primary focus. Obviously, I’m referring to the large quantity of native liquor.

For a month, I was working like 80 hours a week, and then, there was this.


for these cats

hula bear. what a pimp.

who then met up with the other two

posse in the streets

to drink and get lap dances at Centerfolds. Obvbiously, there were no pictures to be taken inside the strip club, but OH MY GOD can those ladies cut a rug.

Then, my friend sabs went and did this:


fuck, wait, i mean, this:

yaaaaaay! a good picture!

and i was wearing this,

the kid wants my beer.

which should give you a clue what I’ve been up to.

damn, linking is hard work.

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