it’s not that i don’t love my blog,

but, as I put it in an email to a friend the other day, my life has been like this:

One day, I thought I’d take a shower. Then, I got up and went to work for 14 hours.

That’s it, folks, just a bunch of long-ass days, abbreviated weekends, and precious little free time. I share a matchbox-size office with my intern four days a week, which makes it awkward to sit around writing on the blog in whatever free moments I might snatch throughout the day.

This isn’t to say that I’m not happy; it’s such a different (and totally AWESOME) feeling you get when you’re working on something you enjoy with people you admire – VERY different than the feeling you get from sitting in an office by yourself every day, wondering what the fuck your boss is paying you for. And I love it. But just be patient with me! My schedule should normalize over the next week or so, and I have so many stories still about the honeymoon, et al.

Anyway, our wedding pictures are online, too, so that’s fun. Not included in the professional set is perhaps my favorite wedding picture of all, taken when I made the limo stop en route to the reception so I could huff down a much-needed cigarette.


I love my sisters.

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