yes, I’m at work today.

Is it possible to have a TV hangover? ‘Cause I think I’ve got one. Yesterday I woke up, I went to the store, made french toast, took a bath, then sat my ass in front of the TV for six hours. Katsumi and I watched the entire Pats game, the 2-hour season premiere of 24, then the last half hour of some horrible program called “case closed” or some crap like that, and I still can’t get the end montage song out of my head. It was the Gin Blossoms, by the way.

I think I need a shot of IV caffiene to get me going here this morning. TV is definitely bad. I mean, this malaise probably COULD have SOMETHING to do with the six-pack of beer I drank, but I’m pegging the bulk of it on the commercials.

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