Assorted ranting

Rant A:
So I’ve spent the better part of the morning screwing with my template, trying to use this fancy-pants Flickr tool to change the heading to a photo of my choice. Or a different color. Or something. No dice.

Rant B:
So yeah, I’m still in plague-mode, which blows on a number of levels.

1) being sick blows
2) being sick at work blows
3) being unable to partake in beaujolais fiesta blows
4) being unable to partake in Dan Goldwyn Day blows
5) people keep asking me how I’m feeling, which blows

Now, I know it’s generally considered good form to remember things like that. And maybe a nicer person would take it as a sign of goodwill that their fiancee / coworker / friend / random client / intern remembered that they were sick and took the time to ask how they were feeling.

But I? Am not they. And I? Am NOT a nice person. And I’m going to cough my plague all over the next person who inquires about my health.

Rant C:
I don’t really have one. This is it.

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