OMG! i missed saturday



8:30am – wake up, shower

8:45am – holy shit, have i shaved my legs like, ever?

9:10am – make coffee

9:35am – head home

10:30 – pick up baptismal certificate

10:31 – argue with dad about politics

10:55 – leave for meeting with priest (to take survey for discussion in future blog)

12:35 – arrive back home. (STARVING. Note lack of breakfast in previous updates)

1:10 – meet with wedding coordinator

1:40 – disagree with mother over salad option

2:30 – leaave with a smile


3:15 – wow. i really do hate frosting, don’t i?

4:00 – church. hm.

5:20 – dinner with parents

7:00 – talk with mom re: wedding

7:30 – talk with mom re: wedding decorations

8:00 – holy shit, i still have to do my resume. plus blog post.

8:50 – make motions to head out for drinks with friend

9:10 – more talk with mom re: wedding

10:15 – arrive at bar, order BIG ASS MARTINI

10:45 – am drunk. more vodka.

11:40 – crap! only 20 minutes left to post!

11:45 – whatthefuckever.

1:00 – arrive home, wash face

1:15 – begin first ever drunk blog post.

I don’t even care – GO AHEAD, NABLOMOPO, TAKE ME DOWN!!! I’ll keep doin’ mah thang, yo, fuck y’all. It’s so damn late, I’m drinking wine I don’t need, and I took the time to chronicle my day at ONE THIRTY IN THE FUCKING MORNING. But I THOUGHT about the posting well before midnight. So, I say, it counts.


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