omg, am dead

i know, all my posts are getting to be like, “omg, am dead, send water” but for real, this is FRIDAY MORNING dead. Which, you’ll agree, is much worse than Sunday morning dead, or even the dreaded Saturday afternoon-into-evening dead. I am dead at work. And there is a small gnome driving a pickaxe into my temples. I’ve already eaten a near-toxic amount of Tylenol AND drank a vitamin water, to no avail. DO YOU UNDERSTAND the gravity of this situation? Wanna know why I’m so broken on a Friday? I’ll tell you!!

Last night, we were here:

it was big in there

watching these guys:


do this:

fast movin'

and drank LOTS and LOTS of this:

labatty fatty

It was awesome. I’d never been to a hockey game until last Friday, when my sister scored tickets through her work. So yesterday when Katsu messaged me asking if I wanted free Bruins seats, I was a little freaked out. How do you avoid hockey for 27 years then find yourself in this deluge of sticks and pucks and whatever else? Cosmically, things were aligned.

And hi, I’m sorry, did you see those SEATS? The tickets said “loge 7” and I was all, what’s a “LOGE”, I don’t remember “LOGE” from the Phish concerts (unsuprising). Well, apparently, “loge” means “really fucking close”, because I could count the threads on the goalkeeper-guy’s jersey.

Like, I wasn’t zoomed in for those shots up there.

And the beer! Holy Christ! the BEER in this place is FANTASTIC! We’d had a lovely dinner at Anthem earlier in the evening (review on Bostonist forthcoming) during which I consumed some wine and the most amazing tequila ever to pass my lips, so I was pretty well lit by the time we got to the game. Nevertheless, once inside, I got right in line for beer. Coors Light and Labatt’s. Not awesome, but Labatt’s brings up all sorts of college memories, so I figured it would do. Sometime during the second period I got up to use the ladies’ room and took a stroll around the facility. Did you know they have a FULL BAR? Like, with LIQUOR? They also had Heineken, the ever-present Bud, and – the holy grail – HARPOON. I almost squealed. Actually, I know I squealed.

The night ended with me taking a thousand drunk pictures of lights on the highway, then rolling an office chair down our sidewalk while holding a large plastic turtle. No joke.


So now, I am dead. But also really hungry. Is it lunchtime yet?

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