A change for the good

Sarah’s post yesterday reminded me of something that recently gave me a lot of joy.

This is the last year that Katsumi and I will celebrate our anniversary on Valentine’s Day!! HOW FUCKING EXCITED AM I? I hated telling people that V-day was our anniversary – I don’t even LIKE Valentine’s day, and for us to peg that as our anniversary made it seem, like, planned or something. Which, it wasn’t. Not really.


Putting the sheer cheez factor aside for a moment, a Valentine’s Day anniversary also made dinner reservations impossible. EVERYONE and their mom is making reservations way in advance for all the nice, romantic places, so we wouldn’t usually eat until like, 8:30pm. Not that I made the dinner reservations, you understand, but it stressed me out.

Flowers? Forget it. I do love roses, but when Katsumi would present me with a dozen long-stems I would have to fight the urge to slap him upside the head, blossoms first. At or near February 14, you can buy a small used car for the cost of a dozen long-stem roses, and I am all about bang for the buck.

One good thing, I suppose, was all the prixe fixe, but my sheer capacity for the drink would shatter any food savings before we got past the appetizer course. But, dear friends, is there a better night for drinking than our new anniversary of St. Patrick’s Day? I think not.

Goodbye, overpriced roses, HELLOOOOOOOO green beer!!!

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