at least *I* came to WORK today.

You know those Sundays where you wake up and wonder how you’re still alive after all the beer you drank last night? And you cobble together a breakfast out of some random shit you have hanging around in the kitchen and then read the paper while your live-in-husband-to-be plays Lego Star Wars for like three hours? And then your friends call you asking if you want to hang out and you’re like “well, katsumi doen’t feel good so i don’t know” but then you wind up having them over anyway? And a five-minute trip to get wine and potato chips turns into an hour long excursion in which you procure deli meat, salsa, two different vodkas? Plus wine, Khalua and Bailey’s? Then, before you know it, you’re mixing up extra-strength white russians for everybody, ordering in Chinese food and watching the worst movie ever made? Then, after a few more rounds with the vodka and liquer you’re all checking out clips of that Japanese group sex video and porn-as-advertising? And as your friend stumbles into her fiancee’s car while you sway on the sidewalk huffing down your third cigarette of the night, you wonder how the fuck you wound up getting so drunk on a Sunday when your only plans were to make mulled cider and maybe bake a pie?


Well, I do. And so does Sabrina.

(ps, if i had to tell you those sex links above were NSFW, you’re an idiot.)

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