fabulous morning of blogtoberfest 06

– wake up late because SOMEONE doesn’t know how to work his cell phone alarm. How late”? Late of the “I’ve gotta leave the house in five minutes flat” variety. So much for fantabulous Blogtoberfest 06 outfit.

– decide to get coffee, since you made up a lot of time angrily cutting off handicapped old ladies in the storrow drive tunnel.

– karma bites back in the form of a tiny Honda who cuts you off and takes your space in front of the coffeeshop.

– drive past work and consider calling in sick, as today is clearly not your day. already. See intern eating banana. Decide that it’s too late to call in sick.

– circle the block two more times, weighing your options.

– get hopelessly stuck behind a school bus making a left hand turn

– find that side entrance to parking lot is closed

– circle the block one more time, weighing your options.

– decide that no really, it’s too late to call in sick.

– regret that decision for remainder of morning, while your undercaffienated brain tries desperately to make sense of the maelstrom that descends as soon as you walk through the door.

And Tom, I know damn well this isn’t google talk, but i will use asterisks if I please because YOU KNOW WHAT? THIS IS *MY* GODDAMN WEBSITE AND I AM NOT HAPPY THIS MORNING.

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