and speaking of AWESOME,

I just remembered what I meant to post about. I remembered because I hate what I’m wearing today, so I ran home to get these red, high-heeled, tranny shoes (I thought wearing red, high-heeled, tranny shoes would make me feel better about things). So I’m driving and I’m in traffic, and I get home, and I grab my shoes, and I head back out to the tunnel and THEN it hits me. The beauty, the awesomeness of life.


I’ve been anti-EZpass for a long time, mostly because you have to pay the state of MA $29.30 for the transponder, which I am not into. Especially after the hundred dollars in bullshit parking tickets I got last month. But we East Boston-ites get a discount on our toll via the EZpass system, so I only have to go through that rotting swath of concrete like, 11.3 times before the box pays for itself (38.5 times to work off the parking tickets). Provided I don’t die first. Which, given the state of things, isn’t far outside the realm of possibility.

Last week I took the plunge. I woke up early, took forever choosing an outfit because I had all this TIME because I woke up EARLY, looked at my watch, realized that I was, in fact, LATE, and went to the Thruway station anyway. Fifteen minutes and $49.30 later, I sped happily through the tolls at the Sumner, EZpass in hand and a smile on my face. It’s seriously fucking awesome – EVERYONE should get one. And eat Maya bars. Because those, as we already discussed, are also seriously fucking awesome.

The red, high-heeled tranny shoes look like crap, by the way. Especially with jeans. It’s more of a “Ronald McDonald” vibe, than a “Office-Sultry” vibe, and I hate clowns.

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