two incredible things

1) We still have not caught the mouse.

2) Last weekend, I wedding-planned my mom under the table.

On Saturday we had our first meeting with the priest, an event that left John a little shaky. He also may have been shaky because I spent the morning berating him for his inability to make pancakes from a mix.

ASIDE: on one occasion I walked by the kitchen to find him preparing to melt 2 Tbsp of butter in my pyrex measuring cup (“Don’t do that”, I told him, “use the small skillet instead”.) Moments later I happened upon him mopping up two cups of soymilk that spilled when the measuring cup pulled a self-destruct. (Apparently, you can’t heat Pyrex over a gas flame then expect it to welcome the addition of a cold liquid.) After that debacle, he proceeded to mix up the batter in our saucepan, using a spatula to blend the ingredients. I took over the process shortly thereafter, leaving him the task of heating up some frozen boca sausage, which were still frozen in the middle when we sat down with our eight pounds of pancakes. (He neglected to halve the receipe.)

Post-meeting we went for drinks to calm our nerves, and then i met up with my parents. More specifically, my mother. As you know, I’ve been doing a considerable amount of work with this wedding thing. However, my mother still thinks of me as the teenager who always left things until the last minute. Or the college student who missed her senior pictures because she was taking bong hits. Or maybe it was that time I lost my graduation cap right before commencement. WHATEVER. Anyway, she’s conviced that I’m just sitting around doing nothing. Saturday night, I proved her wrong. After dinner, I poured myself a gin n’ Fresca, sat down with her in front of the computer, and over the course of the next two hours broke her down piece by piece. I filled in my guest addresses, I showed her my options for photographers, we went over cake options, I busted out the DIY save the date cards. Then I whipped out a stack of menus with rehearsal dinner options. I now feel confident that there will be no more doubting the tenacity of ErinirE when it comes to the wedding planning. No Fucking Way. Before I left, I showed her a few pictures of bouquet ideas. I could almost hear her brain short-circuiting.

Then on Sunday we had another run-in with The Mouse. That time I actually couldn’t sit upright (we’d bought a small grill earlier in the day, and I was recovering from a sausage-and-beer induced coma), but Katsumi spotted the little bastard farting around in the living room. Yesterday he came home with two fresh traps, just to reinforce our defenses. Anyone got any good baiting tips?

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