Wedding: not wedding

(ha – got you there, didn’t I? For a brief moment you *thought* this was going to be about wedding planning, but in fact it is not – NOT – about wedding planning. Or maybe you thought the wedding was off, which is vehemently untrue. Still very much on, that wedding.)

Unfortunately, despite my best efforts, I’m finding it hard to come up with material. You see, we really just don’t DO much these days. After the Great Money Debacle of 2006, wherein we realized that not only are we broke, but we’re the kind of pathetic broke that doesn’t even understand the meaning of the word, we’ve been trying to cut back. Which means, basically, that shit is kind of dull at the Casa du Erinire, unless you want to hear about the kickass taco mix at Whole Foods or this awesome new way I found to make pasta. We haven’t been going out to dinner, we haven’t been going out at all, and the constant thrum of dress obsession is dulling my ability to be bitchy. (i KNOW, it’s horrifying.)

So what, then? Where to now? It’s a problem. I’ll think on it and get back to you.

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