Wedding: the dress

I swear to god, someday I’ll have something else to talk about.

But that day? Is not today. And that day may not be tomorrow. Or even the next day. Live with it.

A story:

The first time we went dress shopping, my mother insisted that we go to the Newbury St. salons. I sort of thought it was not an awesome idea, starting out on the most expensive street in the city, but my mom seemed so excited by the prospect that I fortified myself with mimosas and shipped out. Our first stop was LaReine Bridal, where the woman on the phone informed me that their dresses ranged from $2,500 and up. AND UP. I was horrified, to the point where I had a mild panic attack before entering the store and needed to be revived with an iced tea, which I brought with me into the boutique like the asshole I am.

So we all go into the room with the dresses, and I’m pawing through the racks, when this one catches my eye. I throw it on, the salesgirl clips me in, I turn around and almost vomit. It was THAT gorgeous. Then she put a veil on me and I may have blacked out. It was a Rivini, and I spent the next three days online trying (in vain) to find it for less than the tag charge of $3,600.00. I even went back on my unch break to try it on again, just to torture myself a little further.

So I’m all resigned to not getting that dress, and I’ve been to so many other boutiques and tried on so many other dresses, and even moved away from that particular style. Like, fuck that, I don’t even want it anymore. But last week I went to Vows and found a Rivini sheath that is *this close* to the dress I tried on on Newbury St. When I saw the label, man, it was like seeing that old boyfriend you’d forcibly removed from your memory. You know, the one who was such an asshole but smelled SO good and had that exy hair. And then, after you see him, you just can’t stop thinking about him.

So yesterday while farting around online, NOT THINKING about the dress because it’s TOTALLY DISCONTINUED and from like 2004 or something and WHO NEEDS A DRESS FROM 2004 ANYWAY, GOD, I find this girl in Toronto selling The Dress – MY DRESS – for half of what I found it for.


But she’s in Toronto. And I’m in Boston.

oh my.

If you want to see a covert picture of me actually wearing the dress, you can add me as a “friend” on flickr and check it out. But don’t tell Katsumi. He doesn’t want to hear anything about this stuff.

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