out of the attic?

Despite the weekend of shit weather, Katsumi and I were very productive. We went out on Saturday, and we found an apartment. It’s on the first floor of a three-family home in East Boston, on-street parking, a 10 minute walk to the Maverick Square T stop, and most of all, it’s FUCKING ENORMOUS.

small pic of new apt!

I love it. It has cabinets, it has an oven, it has a MOTHERFUCKING BACKYARD. We’re just waiting to clear it through the landlords, so cross your fingers!

In other news, I was told this weekend that I am limited to one “f-word” a day, which frankly I think is bullshit. I mean, just because I said that the giant sea turtle at the aquarium was fucking gay, and because I thought that running up and down the ramp to get pictures fo the shark was fucking retarded, and because I was in a fucking rush to get out because I had to fucking pee, and just because there were hordes of fucking kids around who probably were listening to my colorful linguistic choices …

I don’t know, Katsumi is just so uptight sometimes.

But he did take me out to dinner in the north end, and I decided that even though moving to east boston will increase my commute considerably, it’s totally worth it to be able to take the T two stops and eat in Boston’s own Little Italy. Plus, I can comute on the subway – think of all the time I could spend with my face shoved in a book! The possibilities…

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