i fucking hate allergies.


… edit …

From tom’s blog, I bring you this completely fake meme. Seriously, Tom, this doesn’t even make any fucking sense. I liked the “top 5” better.

If I were a ______ I would be _____

… Motoko from “Ghost in the Shell”. She’s hot.

… pot. Ha. No, really. Or else aloe vera… It’s a definite draw.

… the only android I know is Data, but tom already took that, so maybe I could be Data’s evil twin whatshisname. What *is* his name?

… Lemur. Just cause it sounds cool.

…this dude:

my pick

… Underdog!! For sure.

Astral being
… despite many googlings, I can’t figure out what, exactly, constitutes an “astral being”. So let me know, and I’ll pick one.

Historical Frenchman
…Napoleon, just like tom. I love Napoleon, actually. When I was 14 I went to Memphis with my family, and the museum there was having some bigass Napoleon exhibit and I saw his death mask and it was the most hardcore thing ever. Rawk!!


Demon hunter
… seriously? “demon hunter”? Can I choose that I wouldn’t want to be a demon hunter?

Sea Green

aibohphobia – a joke word meaning “fear of palindromes”, deliberately constructed so as to be one

Post on this blog
… I’m kind of a fan of most of my posts, so why don’t you pick?

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