so that’s done with – onward and upward!

FUCK it feels good to have those photos off my back. Now I can get back to what’s really important: alternately obsessing over and ignoring my wedding.

last night I did a pretty good job of fitting both into the same breath as I wheeled down Rt 9 to Natick, eventually arriving at David’s Bridal where one Sabominator awaited. She needed to look at bridesmaid dresses for her friend’s upcoming wedding, and hell, while she was there, maybe try on a thing or two for her own beach nuptuals, coming in 2007.

I have to be frank and admit that I was concerned about myself. I was worried that I would be impatient, or that the bitch in me would rise up as it did at the graduation and turn the whole affair into a stinking pile of horrid suck. I also know that, despite her proud exterior, my friend sabrina is just a big softie, which made me doubly worried that I would say something to hurt her feelings. I considered, and quickly dismissed, the idea of a “road soda” for the drive from Boston.

Plus I had to pee.

For those of you who haven’t been there, David’s Bridal is organized in the most user-unfriendly way imaginable. As in a department store, everything is organized by size, which makes it impossibly hard to get a feel for the selection of dresses. What are you supposed to do, stroll the racks until you find the off-white, halter-top, taffeta-free dress that suits you best? Then pull it tight around you and try to imagine what it would look like in your size? Luckily, Sabrina had a list of styles at the ready. My heart started pounding as she closed the door to the dressing room, and while she struggled with the 10 pounds of silk and bustle, I pretended to read an article on “sex in 2006” in the Phoenix. She emerged, and it was amazing. AMAZING!! I sat in rapt attention for the next hour (give or take) while she went from style to style, and although she asked several times if I was bored yet, I could only laugh and shake my head “no”. How could you be bored watching a friend look that good over and over again?? I wanted to go to a thousand more stores, wrap her in champagne silk, make her try a dress with pickups and one with marabou feathers, then at the end of it split a bottle of unoaked chardonnay and laugh at it all.

ah, me, waxing emotional.

Full disclosure: I once made fun of Sabrina for having a wedding website. And I think it hurt her feelings. So I’m here, and I’m posting the address to my own stupid, crappy, theKnot wedding crappy stupid website. Just to show her that… whatever. I did it too, and hers is better than mine.

ick, I feel dirty.


I’m on Bostonist again – apparently the unofficial reviewer of Brunch for the greater Boston area. Not that anyone ever actually clicks through these things, but whatever.

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