thanks for the support guys

I can’t believe anyone even commented on that last post it was so dull. But I just had my leftovers and they were AMAZING, so I feel better about it now.

So we’ve been invited to submit the film to IDFA, a big-deal international festival. I felt like it was pretty cool that the fest coordinator solicited our film and actually VOLUNTEERED to watch all six (that’s 6) hours of it, and I dove right into their online submission form. It’s like, five screens long, and asks all these questions I don’t know the answers to, like the dates of the international television premieres and crap like that. So it becomes this multitiered process where you have to fill out part of the form, then call someone who passes you off to someone else who waits for 5 days to call you back, and you’re like HELLO THE ENTRY DEADLINE IS MAY 1 ASSHOLES, LET’S NOT TAKE OUR TIME WITH THIS.

I also had to write a 100-word synopsis of the film, which wasn’t hard, but I’ve written so many “film blurbs” that it was inconceivable to me that we wouldn’t have a SINGLE 100-word capture. I wasted 20 minutes last night searching the dsp hard drive, to no avail. But what I came up with in the end was better than what I’d written before, so all was not for naught. If that’s not too much of a double-negative for you.

Then I had to enter in contact information for all 3 production companies, which, again, isn’t hard but *is* a pain in the ass. And there’s all these pop-out windows with more fields and pull-down menus and whatnot and I started getting annoyed.

Finally, after all that, I get to the end of the second screen of the entry form, I click “OK”, and I get a PAGE ERROR. I sigh and start over from the beginning. 20 minutes later, again, PAGE ERROR.

Again, today, I tried to submit. On a different machine, different web browser, different operating system, this time remoting into the old work computer from the new work computer, which makes contact info retrieval even harder, and I get to the end of the second page and…


then I tore out my hair by the roots and died.


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