the easter bunny stole my game

I have nothing to say!! This is horrible. It’s one of those times where I wish I had some “backup posts” to fill in. But honestly, I’m tapped out.

I’ve been thinking of starting another blog, or some kind of hidden page, where I relay my experiences with various Boston dining establishments. Katsumi and I eat out at least as much as we cook in, so it seems only right that we make some good use of our flagrant culinary spending.

I had a pretty shitty day yesterday. Work was busy, life was stressful, and I got some really bad news about a friend of mine. So as I drove out of the parking lot at 6:15, I wondered what I could do to soothe my soul. Normally in times of tial I enjoy sipping a glass or two of riesling at Trident while poring over the latest tabloids. But last night there was a sox homer, which basically reduces your chances of finding parking in Back Bay to almost less than nothing. There’s little I hate more than hunting for parking, so I moved on. I wanted something quiet, something tasty, something low in calories and saturated fat.


If any of you haven’t had tibetan food, I would suggest that you wait for a day when life has you down… possibly a cold, rainy day when even the theme song from Punky Brewster wouldn’t make you smile. Then go. It is divine. The flavors hint at a variety of cuisines from Indian to Vietnamese, but all the dishes are much lighter and healthier. We shared an appetizer of potato dumplings with traditional sauces, and although that might not SOUND light and healthy, the dumplings are almost airy, and “fried” is probably too strong a word for the cooking style. “Magically sealed with a crispy and chewy finish” might be closer to home. My tse-tofu was perfect, with just the right amount of spice and not too much oil. The tofu was lightly fried then cut into slices just slightly thinner than the vegetables. Katsu had some kind of beef and noodles thing, and although I usually shy away from restaurant meat I found myself reaching back to his plate over and over again.

And of course today I forgot my fucking leftovers, so after writing this whole thing, I’ll be eating frozen birdseye vegetables for lunch.


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