whoop, title.

I’m trying really hard to come up with something, guys. There have been like 4 more people than usual reading this site, and I want them to keep visiting me and not huff off in disgust when I can’t write something witty…

But I stayed in bed until 8:15 this morning and had to run out the door with crusties still in my eyes and no perfume. I also had to put on my makeup in traffic, which meant that I didn’t get to stop for a scone and coffee like I wanted to which means that at this point my only option for caffeine is the McDonald’s version of organic java. Well, either that or the office coffee, but I’d rather drink room-temperature water. (If you knew how much I hate water, that statement would sound a lot more vile.)

This weekend I had a quasi-reunion with high school friends involving fondue, red wine, and unfortunate pictures captured on camera phones. I was shocked (SHOCKED!!) to learn that one of my friends actually owns Prada shoes (“shoeS”, as in, more than one pair) and LaMer face care. She is such a wonderful and generous person that she actually let me try the face serum and after some cajoling I gingerly slipped on the gorgeous leather heels. Then everything went black, and next thing I knew I was being dragged out of her closet by my ankles, a Marc Jacobs bag hanging from my mouth. You can decide for yourselves if that is real or hyperbole – I’ll never tell.

I will divulge this bit of confession, however: when we were in high school i was so fascinated by her designer acoutrements that on more than one occasion I was caught rifling through her drawers. Just because I was THAT MUCH IN RAPTURE with expensive makeup, accessories and underwear. My obsession has only grown over the years, so after the LaMer unveiling she should count herself lucky I’m not lurking under her bathroom sink right now, waiting for a drop of Shisedo moisturizer to slip from her fingers.

Moving on from my weirdo craziness, Sunday saw the return of the Lost Weekend, as Katsumi and I did nothing but troll around Harvard Square, eating, drinking, and slowly working through the New York Times Crossword puzzle. After the nth bar, we did get it together enough to stumble through Crate and Barrel weilding a registry wand, with which we added some plates, flatware, and condiment spoons to our hitherto lacking list. Our second trip, happily, was much more productive than our first.

So I hope that satisfies everyone, because I’m fucking starving and I was waiting to take lunch until I finished this post.

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