absolutely positively dying of tired

oh god, no seriously you guys, i am TOO OLD FOR THIS. I need a warm blanket and some slippers, maybe a season DVD of “Murder She Wrote”, because I definitely feel ready for retirement right about now.

(BEFORE YOU GO ANY FURTHER, SERIOUSLY PROMISE ME THAT YOU WILL READ THE SECOND TO LAST PARAGRAPH. I won’t be offended if you skip my drivel, but the end stuff is important.)

Last night after work I met up with her and him and him for food, drinks, and dessert. Bukowski’s was our first stop, and after quaffing a few hearty brews and chowing down on some burgers, we were ready and primed for – wait for it- : FINALE. If you live in the area and have never been, stop whatever you are doing, remortgage your summer home, and GO. Their desserts, although comparable in price to a Maui time-share, are indescribably delicious. Imagine the best thing you’ve ever tasted, imagine eating it while floating on a cushion of whipped cream, multiply that by a hundred, divide by a foot massage, and add on the square root of a multiple orgasm. You’re still not close to Finale’s desserts.

But expensive. We had two gift certificates and the bill post-discount was twice what we paid for dinner. Ah well.

Properly sated, we began the journey back to my car. Katsumi was our navigational point of reference, (never a good idea), and he led us down not one, but TWO one-way streets the wrong way. Big ups to the Captian, who reacted with alacrity and good sense when forced into an impromptu head-to-head with a Boston Taxicab… the boy has reflexes that would make a feline weep with jealousy.

I was tired, and between the beer, the wine, and the sweetly divine chocolate, quite ready for sleeping. But when we got back to the house what news awaited us!! (PAY ATTENTION AND FOLLOW THESE LINKS – THIS IS WHAT I WAS TALKING ABOUT AT THE BEGINNING.)

Our housemate, the lovely and talented Robin McKelle, had been interviewed on NPR’s Morning Edition earlier in the week, and postbroadcast her soon-to-be-released CD shot to the top of Amazon’s top seller list, beating out Prince, Pink, and the Folsom Prison Live Recordings.
Needless to say, she was ecstatic, so it was only appropriate that we have some cocktails in celebration. Robin’s voice is so amazing – even if you don’t buy her CD, you OWE IT TO YOURSELF to check out her music online. Seriously.

So I was probably up until 1 or 2 in the morning drinking, and let me tell you, Friday has never felt so good. If I had to get up and go to work again tomorrow I think I might just shoot myself.

But so worth it!!

I know her in real life!!

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