Random rant re: MySpace

check the alliteration going on in that title. hoo boy! Sign me up for genius camp, for lo –

Anyway, I’m really not a fan of the built-in MySpace music player. I like music and all, but it’s not fair when it sneaks up on you like that. Say, for example, I’m at work and talking to one of my bosses about one thing or another, while idly browsing the WorldWideWeb (alliteration!!). All is quiet and serene, and Boss In Question may have no idea that I am working my multitasking skills with the whole “conversation / internet” thing. Say I come upon my sister’s MySpace page. And all of a sudden it’s like HOLY FUCKING WOW because there’s ALL THIS LOUD MUSIC PLAYING straight out of fucking nowhere. And it’s not like, strings and woodwinds nice make you smile music, it’s more like screamy heavy distortion and dirty beards music. Which I like, in its own time and place.

So now I live in MySpace fear, because everybody and their uncle has one of those goddamn built-in players and the custom page with the fucked up layout and the 3 thousand gazillion friends and the bulletins asking for comments and the bulletins about the bulletins and the MySpace music and the MySpace video and the MySpace dreamcasting (which hasn’t shown up yet, but I’m sure will be the Next Big Thing), and to this I say: stop the madness. I like MySpace a lot, but shit’s a little out of control.

If you ask me.

Which you didn’t, but whatever.

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