I’m good at the Vague

But I’m not going back there this morning, not just yet. I saw my parents last night and they didn’t refer to me as their “once upon a daughter” or as an “abject failure of life”, so all must be at least mostly kind of alright. As level as they were with me, however, I was more reassured by the fact that although my sister looked a bit downtrodden, her limbs were firmly attached to her body and her scalp was firmly attached to her skull. But thanks for the phone calls and emails guys!! You all are the best, and if my parents *DO* decide to disown me and not fund my wedding, you’ll get the first “booze donation” letters.

You laugh like I’m kidding.

So to start my day off, here’s a list of random shit I made on Monday but didn’t post yesterday because my morning was too spectacularly awful not to write about.

“- My phone just rang and it was not line 1, 2, 3, 4, or either of the “intercom” buttons. It was an unlabeled line that I’d never even noticed before. I picked up, and there was a recording of some dude talking in spanish. I was a little creeped out, and put down the receiver, hoping nobody heard me pick up the call.

– is it OK to “thumbs-up” anymore? I was at a concert on Friday and, for reasons that are unimportant to this dialogue, gave some girl a thumbs up. She sort of reflexively thumbs-upped me back but had this weird look in her eyes like “…people actually …DO THIS?” She was about 19 years old and maybe thought that the thumbs up was only an urban legend, in the vein of pictographs, morse code or Canada. I felt weird about it anyway and kind of old. A few minutes later, Katsumi gave me the thumbs up and I spit on him.

– one of the interns referred to me as “the new girl” while on the phone with a client. In a way I was kind of flattered and in another way I wanted to kill him. The “kill him” side may have won out. I may not be as old as everybody else here, but I’ve still got 7 years on that little bastard.”


finally, a serious question: I have itunes and somehow a bunch of songs got marked with a check mark, and when I rock it in shuffle mode, only the checked songs will play. Is there any way to un-check them in a batch? I seriously spent like an hour yesterday manually removing at least a hundred check marks, knowing full well the whole time that there must be a better way to proceed. What’s up with those check marks anyway? (editing to add that after my hours of un-checking, I’ve finally un-checked them all. Now it won’t shuffle anymore. DAMN ITUNES!!!)

I’m hungry and I wish I was back in california so i could eat tuna nigiri again.

west coast sushi makes me hot.

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