the #1 best way to talk yourself out of wanting kids.

What’s worse than the Boston Science Museum on a Saturday?

the Boston Science Museum’s Special Star Wars Exibit on a Saturday!!!

It happened in a nearby township, several weeks ago

Kastsumi wanted to see the models, and with those puppy dog eyes, who could refuse?
beside myself with joy
me, almost. I was in a bitterly shitty mood and the prospect of spending the next three hours fending off a cadre of children hopped up on Dippin’ Dots and Pepsi was not my idea of an ideal afternoon.

Witness the forced smile:

Katsumi was more enthusiastic about the whole scene, especially this freakish piece of hardware.

It was a computer simulation which apparently allowed the user to create a “responsive face” that approximated human emotion. This is the human emotion that says “I just ate your dog, and if you don’t back the fuck up I’ll chew off your fingers”.

you don't want to meet this bitch in a dark alley

If that’s not enough to send your kid into therapy for years, you could also plop junior if front of this snow-beast replica while whispering that it just might be what he hears in his closet after you turn off the lights.
the stuff of nightmares
there was some faux-roadkill next to him in the display case, giving the whole “blood-and-gore” angle a realistic feel.

And the exhibit had a really great sponsor…

You can go to the photoset to see the rest of the pictures, because most of them are actually sort of cute, and you can’t be too snarky when shit is that cute.

But I was happy to get out of there anyway.
The look that says i found my keys!!
It was coming up on 5pm by that time, and I hadn’t had a drink in two hours.

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