the internet is making me blush

Thanks to one and all for the comments, emails and phone calls! All good things, and not a drop of assvice to be found – y’all are the best. For real.

I’ll probably write something more about the proposal later, right now I’m too busy being astonishingly happy. I have another story instead.

We had both taken the 15th off from work, with the intent of having a nice day together. I figured we’d do something normal, you know, go out for a three-martini lunch and then stumble over to the movie theater. Or maybe go out for a three-martini lunch and then catch an Omni show at the science museum. So imagine my suprise when Katsu suggested that we go skiing.


Who is this man?

To say that we’re not a very athletic pair is like, the understatement of the century. We don’t even take walks or crap. There’s no jogging, no trips to the gym, no spur-of-the-moment camping trips. We’re of an indoor ilk, we like to eat, drink, and watch movies.

But, skiing! ok!!

So yesterday, after stuffing ourselves with an assortment of breakfast delicacies, we piled into the volvo and headed for the slopes. After making a side stop at Wal-Mart to get things like, oh, gloves and ski pants, we arrived at Wachusett and were like, hey wow, that is a pretty big hill there. I’d been skiing a couple times before, which was a couple more than Katsu, so we signed up for the “learn to turn” package. aka “please teach me your ways, o ski master, for lo, i fear for my limbs”. I found the lesson fairly simplistic and was eager to get on with things. Katsumi, however, still hadn’t quite gotten the hang of “turning” and “stopping”. Nevertheless, we plunged forward onto the real trail.

I won’t go into the details, but think about this as an allegorical moment: Erinire and Katsumi are approaching the end of the chairlift. They raise the safety bar, prepare for landing, push off, and ErinirE immediately falls over backwards with a yelp. Katsumi turns around, gets caught on her skiis, and falls on top of her. It is a pretty pile of madness, indeed.

After one more run down the mountain, we decided to head out and get dinner; much more natural territory for us. Although we may not be olympic-class skiiers, man, I can tell you that we sure eat like champions. Especially when we’re celebrating our engagement 🙂

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