15 reasons to love massachusetts

a gorgeous October day, and we gathered to witness the loving union of our dear friends meg and sequina.

the brides!

as you can see, we came prepared.


the happy couple, awash with the new bonds of wedded bliss, recessed from the altar,

the recessional

while a certain few among us bunked the receiving line and went straight for the bar.

let's get it started!

moving chairs into the tent was hard work indeed,

manual labor

but we settled in with our cocktails and waited patiently to be called to the buffet.

well don't we look sophisticated...

well, some were more patient than others.


after dinner, adequately lubricated by a flask of Sapphire and several rounds of bar drinks we hit the dance floor.


but sabominator always manages to play it cool.

gettin' loose, feelin' fine

unlike, say, me and katsumi.

smooth moves on the dance floor

gettin' down

but then again, things could always be worse.

o captain my captain

we all kept sach other amused (not a hard thing to when there’s five dollar Grey Goose to be had).

something is amusing

and I tried to sober up,

not drunk AT ALL.

as the afternoon drew to its inevitable conclusion.

the inevitable conclusion

thank god the newlyweds were too happy to notice!! Congratulations, Meg and Sequina!! And thanks for the party!


(thanks to kha0s and shannoxx for the pictures!! To see the other photos in my photoset that i stole from them, you can go here.)

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