what i would like to post about if someone would just upload their damn pictures already

I’m looking at you.

I went to the most fabulous wedding this weekend and I really want to post about it, but I need some pictures to jog my memory. everybody loves a photoessay! Of course, me being me, I forgot my camera and thus must rely on my friends, who never post their pictures ever and if they do it’s like two stupid pictures of grass and a hamburger or something.

no offense, guys. I love ya!

(ps- the part about the hamburgers and grass is really not true. their pictures are better than awesome and that is why i am so impatient to see.)

In case you couldn’t tell, the Cloud of Bitchiness has returned, I am guessing mostly due to money stress and the general feeling that my life is this neverending circle of mindless time-wasting broken up by sleep. But I’m sure that I’ll feel better about that tonight at trivia after my second long island iced tea. See, people? BETTER LIVING THROUGH CHEMISTRY.

christ, somebody post those pictures before I rip out my tongue.

And also? who is gio? You always comment and I have like no freaking idea who the hell you are. because I am lame like that. So email me or something.

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